pictures galore!

I’ve been up to a couple of different approaches to the poem of late.  I’m in Michigan again, helping Meggy get packed up and ready to quit her apartment at the end of the month; however, we took a very pleasant side-trip to Chicago last weekend, which included stops at the Art Institute and the Field Museum.  Meggy was particularly excited about the taxidermy-style birds; it took us a couplefew hours to make it through the Hall of Birds and Mammals.  She’s interested in taxidermy because it has implications for her novel.  For my part, I took the opportunity to get to know some seabirds of the North Atlantic which might just rear their beaks somewhere in the poem.  And as I haven’t been to Scandinavia myself, this is the closest I’m going to get to the fauna for awhile.  Here are a few of the better ones:

A pretty common Old English phrase for the sea is "gannet's bath." I prefer a less briny tub, myself.

German for "hunter."

Stormy Petrel -- definitely one of the better bird-names.

This Icelandic duck is just surprised anyone's paying any attention to him.


Gyrfalcon -- apparently the sort that medieval lords trained.

I can def imagine this fellow chompin' on some corpses.

For lamish birds, they have outstandingly terrific names to say: curlew & whimbrel. Try it!

I also saw a few artifacts at the Art Institute that I hadn’t seen the first time, when I was focusing on paintings and drawings.  I even came across a few rooms I didn’t even know existed!

Gorgeous bracers from a surely venomous Roman matron.

A rudimentary, but upsetting Chinese monster.

Indian sea serpent. Really interested in the mouth on this one.

Chinese burial gifts. Models for Ask and Embla, the first humans made from driftwood?

Lovely Chinese goats -- models for Thor's?

early 20th century African mask; maybe it's just the influence of War Music that made me love this.

Moroccan (?) jewelry set -- Brisingamen necklace?

Love the idea of Fenriswolf having a lean and hungry look -- spindly is creepy, I always say!

Why shouldn't sad, just, martyred Balder be modeled on Honest Abe? Other than Abe being ugly, I mean.

Weland the smith?

OK, sorry for all the pictures, but I got excited.  I want to tell you about what I’ve been reading, but I will do that under a separate heading!


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