It has been a very busy couplefew weeks around here!

Mardi Gras was much more fun than I remembered it being.  It turns out there’s a reason most folks don’t bring Old Norse translation projects with them.

Just some revelers at One Eyed Jacks

Neon Westerners and a radioactive Eastern European


Somebody in this picture gonna get famous

And since returning to California, Meggy (who’s out here on vacation, which is also distracting, as it turns out) and I have made a big move up to San Francisco.

So I have really fallen behind.  I admit it.  But I am looking forward to using these Caltrain rides to get back on the translation horse and give it what for…

OK, last Saints picture for awhile, I promise...that's a famous New Orleans water meter cover, by the way.

OK, this one's actually relevant, as you recall.

So stay tuned!


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